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Fleur Bradley

​This is me, happily drawing with my crayons

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I’m fascinated by history, and love looking for nuggets to use in my books. The Double Vision trilogy is full of historical facts, like Leonardo da Vinci's love for animals, and George Washington's secret life as a master spy during the Revolutionary War.

I've been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, and I love to use setting in my mysteries. Places like North Dakota, Paris, and Biloxi, Mississippi are so rich, they're practically characters in the stories I write. I hope readers can enjoy these places the same way I have.

I now live in a small town in Colorado that's just perfect for a mystery... My husband, two daughters, and lots of cats keep me grounded and inspired.

I grew up in the Netherlands, where I spent my childhood riding my bike, catching tadpoles, and reading Pippi Longstocking and Roald Dahl books. I loved to read, and I loved to draw, too. My very favorite book was The BFG by Roald Dahl. I would read under the covers well past my bedtime, secretly hoping for the BFG to knock on my window. After reading everything in my library's kid department (there was no YA at the time--yes, I'm that old), I moved on to Agatha Christie books. And my love for mysteries was born.

But somewhere along the way (around my high school years), I sort of lost the passion for reading. It wasn’t until I was given a paperback thriller many years later that I caught the reading bug again.
After reading many, many mysteries and thrillers, I decided to try my hand at writing (I was pretty bad at it at first, to be honest). It took a long time before some of my short mysteries started appearing in small press magazines, which encouraged me to keep writing.

If you have writing aspirations, don’t give up!