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Daybreak on raven island

Did you read Daybreak on Raven Island...? Here are some extra (printable) activities:

1. Help Marvin, Tori and Noah find their way out of Raven Island's Maze!

2. Think you can find all the words in this Raven Island word search...?

3. Design your own island!

Midnight at the barclay hotel

Did you read Midnight at the Barclay Hotel yet...? Here are some activities you can do before, during, or after reading:
1. Find your way out of the Barclay Hotel maze.
2. Try finding all the mystery words in this Barclay Hotel word search.
​3. Find your own haunted location... If you dare! With your parent or guardian’s approval, do a search combining your hometown plus haunted location, for example: ‘Denver Haunted Locations.’ You can then learn more about what happened in those places that make people think it’s haunted. Sometimes, there are even (family-friendly) haunted tours in your town…
4. Write Fleur Bradley an email! With your parent or guardian's permission, of course. She'll always respond, and you'll get a signed bookmark mailed to you if you like! Contact Fleur here.

teacher & Book Club guides

Are you using Midnight at the Barclay Hotel in the classroom or in your library? There is an educator guide you can use here:

Midnight at the Barclay Hotel Educator Guide

Are you using the book as a book club pick? It's an honor! Here are some questions to get you started, and you can email Fleur so she can mail you signed bookmarks and bookplates...

Midnight at the Barclay Hotel Book Club Questions

Are you reading Daybreak on Raven Island in the classroom or as a homeschooling parent? Here is a downloadable Common Core Teacher Guide

Daybreak on Raven Island Educator Guide

Daybreak on Raven Island Book Club Questions.pdf

NEW!! You can now download a free scary mystery written by Fleur Bradley. Great as a read-aloud!